National Cadet Corps

17/3 Coy. 3(A) BN NCC

National Cadet Corps is a Tri-Services Organisation comprising the Army, Navy and Air Force, engaged in grooming the youth – ‘The Leaders of Tomorrow’ – into disciplined and patriotic citizens. The genesis of the NCC can be traced back to the First World War when the Britishers created the University Corps as the second line of defense and to have a large pool of trained youth available for employment into the Armed Forces.

After independence the present day NCC under the Ministry of Defence came into existence on 16 Apr 1948 through NCC act XXXI, 1948. NCC was formally inaugurated on 15 Jul 1948 as soon as the schools and colleges reopened after summer vacation. The Girls Division of the NCC was started in Jul 1949. In 1950 Air Wing was added on 01 Apr with one Air squadron each at Bombay and Kolkata. The Naval Wing of the NCC was raised in Jul 1952, thus completing the true representation of all services in the Corps. Presently, NCC has approximately 13 Lakhs Cadets under its fold.

The National Cadet Corps is headed by a Director General, an Army Officer of the rank of Lieutenant General, who is responsible for the functioning of the National Cadet Corps in the country through the National Cadet Corps Headquarters situated at Delhi. At the State Level, the country has been divided into 16 Directorates covering all States and Union Territories. Each of the State National Cadet Corps Directorate Headquarters controls two to fourteen Group Headquarters. While Directorates are commanded by Brigadiers or their equivalents, the Groups are commanded by Colonels or equivalents from the Air Force and the Navy, NCC Units are commanded by Major/Lieutenant Colonel or their equivalents.

About 17/3 Coy:

The 17/3 NCC Coy. Aurora Degree College happens to be one of the youngest companies of the NCC Group Head quarter, Hyderabad. It also boasts of being the first private college NCC Company in Andhra Pradesh. Established not more than 8 years ago, this company has turned out to be one of the supporting pillars of the Andhra Pradesh NCC Directorate with the care and support from Principal- Dr. Ravi Paturi and supervision & guidance of Associate NCC Officer-Lieutenant Sk Silar.


How to Join

Application for Enrollment:-

(1) A student desirous of being enrolled in the Senior Division shall apply to the Officer commanding the unit.

(2) A student desirous of being enrolled in the Junior Division shall apply to the Principal of the college providing the unit or part thereof.

(3) The Officer to whom an application under sub-rule (1) has been made shall cause the applicant to fill up and sign in his presence a statement in Form I.

(4) The Principal to whom an application under sub-rule (2) has been made shall cause the applicant to fill up and sign in his presence a statement in Form II.


When an application is made to a Commanding Officer or a Principal under rule 7, he shall satisfy himself that the application is in proper form and that the applicant fulfils the conditions of enrolment specified in rule 5 or 6, as the case may be. The Commanding Officer or the Principal may make such further enquiry regarding the suitability of the applicant for enrolment in the unit or part thereof in which he desires to be enrolled, as may be prescribed in this behalf, by the State Government.

Medical Examination

If the Commanding Officer or the Principal is satisfied that the application is in order, and that the applicant fulfils the conditions of enrolment and that he is suitable for enrolment in the unit or part thereof in which he desires to be enrolled, he shall cause the applicant to be medically examined.

If the Commanding Officer or the Principal is not satisfied that the application is in order or that the applicant fulfils the conditions of enrolment or that he is suitable to be enrolled in the unit or part thereof or the applicant is reported to be medically unfit for service in the National Cadet Corps, the Commanding Officer or the Principal shall reject the application and shall inform the applicant accordingly.


Method of Enrollment-

(1) If the Commanding Officer does not reject the application, the applicant shall be accepted for enrolment in the Senior Division/Wing, and shall be required to sign a declaration in Form I. If the applicant is a minor, his father or guardian shall also be required to sign a declaration provided in the form.

(2) If the Principal does not reject the application, the applicant shall be accepted for enrolment in the Junior Division. The applicant shall be required to sign a declaration in Form II and his father or guardian shall also be required to sign a declaration in the Form.

(3) If the Commanding Officer or the Principal is satisfied that the applicant, or his father or guardian in the case of a minor applicant, understand the questions put to the applicant and consent to the conditions of service, he shall sign a certificate to that effect on the said Form, and the applicant shall thereupon be deemed to have been enrolled.


Certification Programmee:


The eligibility conditions and the general procedure for the conduct of the Certificate Examination for Cadets of Senior and Junior Division/Wings NCC(All wings) have been issued by this HQ from time to time. The aim of this Directive is to consolidate all such instruction and revise these, where necessary.

Type of Examination:

The type of Certificate Examination and the unit in which these are held are given below

Type of Certificate NCC Unit

Certificate 'A'                              Junior Division/Wing NCC –School Level

Certificate 'B'& 'C'                        Senior Division/Wing NCC-College Level


Eligibility Conditions for Certificate Examinations

Certificate ‘B’:

The cadet must have attended a minimum of 75% of total training period laid down in the syllabus for the first and second years for Senior Division Wing NCC (All Wings). Break in the NCC service of the cadet SD/SE prior to appearing in the exam should not exceed more than 18 months at one time, after his discharge to count his service for Certificate 'B' Examination. In case the break exceed 18 months the following procedure will be adopted :-

"If he had been on the unit rolls for a minimum of two years before his discharge and had attended 75% of the total periods during his NCC service he will need another 45 periods of training to become eligible for certificate 'B' Examination. In all other cases where above conditions are not fulfilled, the cadet must attend a minimum 75% periods of the first and second years of training."

1) Must have attended one Annual Training Camp/NIC/Attachment training with regular Army, Navy, Air Force Units.

2) Cadets possessing 'A' Certificate will be awarded 10 bonus marks.

3) An Air Wing Cadet must do a minimum of 10 Glide launches.

Certificate 'C'

1) The Cadet must be in possession of Certificate 'B'

2) The Cadet must be in third year of SD/SW NCC Training

3) The Cadet must have attended a minimum of 75% of the periods of 3rd year syllabus during the academic session.

4) Bread in the NCC Service of the SD/SW Cadet prior to appearing in  the exam should not exceed more than 18 months at one time, after his discharge to count his previous service for Certificate 'C' examination. In case the break exceeds 18 months, the following procedure will be adopted :-

"If he had been on the Unit rolls for a minimum of two years before his discharge and had attended 75% of the total period during his NCC service, he will need another 45 periods of training to become eligible for Certificate 'C' examination. In all other cases where above conditions are not fulfilled, the Cadet must attend a minimum of 75% periods of the first and second year of training."

Must have attended one ATC, besides one of the following :-

Annual Training Camp (This is in addition to the one mentioned above.)

RD Camp at Delhi (RDC).

Centrally Organized Camp(COC).

Para Training Camp (PTC).

National Integration Camp (When applicable for SD/SW Cadets).

All India Trekking Expedition (DGNCC Organised).

Attachment Training with: Army Unit Air Force Station Naval Bases/Establishment/Ship/Sea Training

Any of the following Adventure Courses :- Mountaineering Basic Course. Mountaineering Advance Course. Water Skiing, Short Skiing Courses. Snow & lee (Condensed) Course.

Sailing expedition with actual sailing exceeding 10 days, duly approved by the DGNCC.

Any Cadet participating in NRAI matches as part of DG NCC team.

Special Services Camps (Essentially with 50% Service Training).

Successfully done Scuba Diving Course.

Canada World Exchange Programme.

Foreign Cruise(Navy).


Extension for B & C:

Break in NCC Service of the Cadet should not be more than 12 months at one time to count his previous service for Certificate 'C' Examination. In case, the break exceed 12 months, the following procedure will be adopted :

"If he has passed Certificate 'B' of SD/SW and has attended a total of 75% of periods of 3rd year SD/SW training, he will need another 30 periods of training to become eligible for Certificate 'C' examination.

A Cadet who successfully completes the Exchange Programme with Indo Canada Youth Exchange will be considered as "Present on NCC Parades" for competing the minimum laid down percentage attendance on parades for 'C' Certificate examination. Work on project will be in lieu of Annual Training Camp. These Cadets may be tested for 'C' Certificate Examination after the University Examinations.

Cadets will be allowed to appear for 'C' Certificate Examination only after one year of passing 'B' Certificate.

Details of certificate examination along with eligibility conditions, in tabulated form, as given in appendix 'A'.

Permission to Appear in Certificate Examination after Discharge

Cadets who ceased to be on rolls of NCC may be permitted to appear for certificate 'A' Examination for Junior Division/Wing and 'B' & "C" for Senior Division/Wing NCC at their own expenses within a period of 12 months of their discharge from the NCC, provided they were otherwise eligible at the time of their discharge.

The ex-cadet so eligible can appear for the examination at any place in India by applying for the same, alongside with discharge certificate, to Local Unit Commander. The Group Commander is empowered to accept such requests from the ex-cadets.

Re-Test for Improvement of Grading: 'C' Certificate:

With a view to give Cadets a chance to apply for the NCC Special Entry Scheme, in case their grading improves, it has been ruled that :-

(i) Cadets who have obtained a 'C' grading in NCC 'C' Certificate Exam and who wish to improve their grading will be allowed to appear for a retest. Only one retest will be allowed.

(ii) Cadets will have to re-appear in complete examination.

(iii) Retest will be held along with fresh cases next year. During the period, these Cadets may attend at least two weeks' Special Parade/Coaching classes to be organised by units after he academic session. Those Cadets who do not attend the Special Parade/Classes will also be eligible to appear in the re-test. No refreshment or other allowance will be admissible for these classes/parade/retest.

Activities in NCC

Institutional Training:

Drill, shooting, Physical fitness, map reading, First aid, Gliding/Flying, boat pulling, sailing and camp training covering basic of military training in Army, Navy and Air Force.

National Integration Camps:

NCC in Delhi offers opportunities to young students from schools and colleges to visit various interesting places in the country. During these visits, the students get an opportunity to stay with students from the other part of our country and get to know their cultural heritage. The students are also taken around on Sight Seeing visits to historial places. This helps in imbibing nationalistic spirit.

Trekking and Mountaineering Expedition:

NCC organises visits for young student to hill stations where they are taken out for trekking/rock climbing expeditions. The children who perform well in such events are sent to various National Institutes of Mountaineering. Those who volunteer are also given opportunity to go for mountaineering expeditions. These activities include Trekking, Rock Climbing, Course at National Institutes of Mountaineering and Mountaineering Expeditions.

Training Camps:

National Cadet Corps organises training camps for students in rural and urban areas. As per policy 50% of the enrolled strength is to take part ink such Annual Camps. During these camps, the students get an opportunity to live and work with other students in a hostel environment. Students, who have not got opportunity for community living, enjoy these camps the most.

Adventure Training:

Due to high costs and expensive equipment, most students of Schools/Colleges do not get opportunity to participate in adventure activities. In National Cadet Corps, we make an endeavour to develop a buoyant personality of students and give them an opportunity to participate in various adventure activities, such as:

  • Rock Climbing
  • Mountaineering
  • Trekking
  • Scuba Diving
  • Sailing Expedition
  • Water sporting
  • Ship-Modeling
  • Para Jumping
  • Gliding
  • Microlite
  • Aero-Modeling
  • Horse Riding
  • Basic Leadership Camps
  • Advance Leadership
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Youth Exchange Programme:

Youth Exchange Programmes give an opportunity to Cadets to interact with the Cadets of other countries and know about their history and culture so as to broaden their horizon and outlook in the scenario of new Global, Political Culturan Environment.

This is a very important activity. It is done to increase international understanding and bolster awareness. These exchanges are done with NCC community of 10 countries namely Australia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Canada, Maldives, Nepal, Singapore, UK, Russia and Vietnam at international level. Four cadets, namely ch. Ruhikantha, Rockson Meitei, Uttam Singh and Gulshan Singh have represented Manipur to Singapore, UK and Bangladesh and Veitnam

Cultural Activities:

National Cadet Corps provides opportunity to cadets to participate in cultural activities. Those who are keen and have potential, get an opportunity to participate in stage presentations. Culmination of most camps/other events is with a camp fire and a cultural show organised by the students.

Community Development:

One of the important aspects of National Cadet Corps training is community development, which aims at bringing about an awareness of the social problems and forge them into pragmatic social workers. These activities include:-

  • Adult Education
  • Blood Donation
  • Planting of Tree Sapling
  • Earth Day Awareness Campaign
  • Anti Dowry Pledge
  • Eye Donation
  • Health Donation
  • Shramdan
  • Pulse Polio Immunization Programme
  • Assistance in Disaster Management


  • SENIOR DIVISION/WING: scholarships for cadets passing 10 + 2 or equivalent examination admitted in regular graduation courses recognized by the UGC viz BA B Sc, B Com, BCA, BBA and fulfilling laid down eligibility criteria. Two scholarships of Rs 15,000/- each for one year will be awarded to SD and SW cadets per NCC Group. Total number of scholarships will be 368.
  • HIGHER STUDIES : Scholarships for cadets passing 10 + 2 or equivalent examination admitted in professional courses recognized by the Government and UGC viz Engineering, Medical, Business Administration, Hotel Management etc and fulfilling the laid down eligibility critieria. Sixty six scholarships of Rs 40,000/- each will be awarded for one year common for Boys and Girls. Distribution of these scholarships between various States and Union Territories will be based on the number of NCC Groups per State/ UT.
NCC Song:
Hum Sab Bharatiye Hain, Hum Sab Bharatiye Hain  

Apni Manzil Ek Hai,
Ha, Ha, Ha, Ek Hai,
Ho, Ho, Ho, Ho, Ek Hai.
Hum Sab Bharatiye Hain.  

Kashmir Ki Dharti Rani Hai,
Sarjaj Himalaya Hai,
Sadiyon Se Hamne Isko Apne Khoon Se Pala Hai
Desh Ki Raksha Ki Khatir Hum Samshir Utha Lenge,
Hum Samshir Utha Lenge.  

Bhikre-Bhikre Tarey Hain Hum Lekin Jhilmil Ek Hai,
Ha, Ha, Ha, ha, Ek Hain
Hum Sab Bharatiye Hain.  

Mandir Gurudware Bhi Hain Yahan
Aur Masjid Bhi Hai Yahan
Girja Ka Hai Ghadiyal Kahin
Mullah ki Kahin Hai Ajaan  

Ek Hi Apna Ram Hia, Ek hi Allah Taala Hai,
Ek Hi Allah Taala Hai, Rang Birange Deepak Hain Hum,
Ek Jagmag Ek Hai Ha, Ha, Ek Hai, Ho, Ho, Ek Hai.  

Hum Sab Bharatiye Hain, Hum Sab Bharatiye Hain.


The following is a glimpse of the ardent support enhanced by this Victorious Company in the recent years:


Category {Re-Public Day Camp: Delhi}

SUO Sai Ventat Raman



Enrolled into the NCC in 2004, Senior Under Office Sai Venkat Raman initiated the beginning of the Glorious era of  Aurorian NCC. Being an exceptional Classical dancer, he became the first cadet to represent our college in the Republic Day Celebrations at New Delhi in 2006. There after, he became the First Cadet  from South India to represent India in the prestigious International Youth Exchange Programme held at Vietnam and Hong Kong in 2007.

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NCC..... My path maker.....

"There is a reason for everyone's birth in this world, one must explore the reason and fulfil it, then that person will be a LEGEND"... is the main quotation of my life.But there must be a certain "start" to that exploration.That start must lay a strong foundation for our life further. National Cadet Corps is one such element which stood as a basement for my life in various factors. I would definitely term my life as "life before joining NCC and life after NCC".One can observe a splendid diference in it.

NCC provided me a strong platform for exposing my talents.It indeed helped me in recognising the skills of mine. The most important element is it helped me in building up my confidence levels. The selfconfidence is the element which grew up during my days of NCC.It also helped me in recognising and sharpening the qualities like Discipline, Determination, Dedication, Decency and Dignity. NCC will never incorporate these qualities into any person, but will help only to identify them within the self and get sharpen it. Discipline is the prime element of NCC and it stands on this quality and i personally perceived it in a very justified manner which marked my character very positively. Decency and Dignity are the two qulities which are the tributaries of Discipline were also developed. Determination is the strong element which paved me the path to success in my life till now. NCC also stand upon four cardinals which are the pillars of it. They are Obey with smile, Be punctual, work hard and without fuss, Make no excuses and tell no lies.These cardinals have always been the guiding principles of my life.

NCC also teaches the quality of 'brotherhood' to the cadets. I have atended more than 20 camps in 3 years course of NCC and happened to meet people from different groups and different sections of this society. Everyone work together, eat together, sleep together in tents, perform together and enjoy together. So it was always team effort and we used to live like brothers. The whole concept is of making cadets live together. This is the semblance of Unity and brotherhod. I personally got oppurtunity to meet cadets from different parts of the country and had learnt many things inturn.

NCC also provides oppurtunities to meet various dignitaries of the nation. And I personally met Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, erstwhile president of India, Dr ManMohan Singh, Prime minister of India and many more ministers and also the Ex Army chief Gen JJ Singh and so on. NCC made my dream come true which generally for a normal civilian will still be a dream. I had represented Andhra Pradesh directorate in Republic Day Celebrations-2006, New Delhi and had met all these dignitaries during the course time of this camp. This was one of the brightest moments of my life where NCC paved the path for me. It was here in this camp i had an oppurtunity to meet cadets from different directorates and different states. I had learnt about the different cultures and traditions of the people of different parts of our country. I also could make friends from different parts of the country which was not the case before. In this way NCC helped me in learning about different people of the country and their culture.

NCC is a semi military wing. But it is a youth organisation of india. It is a platform to expose,exhibit and perform our talents. NCC had been the platform for me to perform classical dance which is one of my skills at both state and central level. I could perform infront of  President and Prime Minister and other thousands of guests and spectators and could prove my self. apart from dances, NCC is a platform for singing, National Integration Awareness Presentation, Flag Area(ART), orations etc. I could take part in all of these activities and consequently gained much confidence to present myself before thousands of people.

Representing the country in foreign nations will be a life time oppurtunity and is every citizen's dream always. NCC provides this oppurtunity to its cadets to represent India in foreign nations as Indian ambassadors under YOUTH EXCHANGE PROGRAMME. I am fortunate enough to grab that oppurtunity. I represented India in VIETNAM, HONG KONG,THAILAND as an Indian delegate in November-December 2006. I appeared many examinations and undergone different interviews including the interviews of Deputy Director General of NCC, Additional Director General of NCC and Director General of NCC to be one among the delegation that represented India. One must have good command on the current topics and must keep his general awareness high to breach the walls of these exams and interviews. So NCC indirectly helped me in developing the knowledge and to get a grip on world affairs. And during my trip under YEP i have had an oppurtunity to meet Presidents and Premiers of those nations and also met heads of different organisations. Our delegation also had various exchange programmes with the youth organisations of those nations. I personally learnt many things,the customs, the cultures, traditions of those nations and its people. I was the first cadet from 3(A) Bn, NCC to represent India in foreign nations under YEP. It was a memorable and a life time experience. This is one point where i can say i achieved big at a very young age.I will definitely rate this as my biggest achievement in my life till now.

This gave me immense confidence to face anything and do anything positively. NCC also is a social service wing.It is always there to render social services. I had attended many of these programmes of social upliftment and development in NCC. I participated in Tree plantation programme organised by Aurora Degree College during my first year of NCC. I also participated in Pulse polio Vaccination programme and had a divine chance of giving polio vaccine to "Stars on Earth" the kids. We also organised Blood Donation programmes many times. I along with other cadets actively participated and motivated others to participate in this divine cause. We also organised cycle expedition programmes on many issues. We also had tie-ups with Traffic police departments and voluntarily participated in traffick controlling. We organised rallies and different programmes in bringing awareness among people on issues like AIDS, Deforesation, Global  Warming etc. So NCC also provided me the oppurtunity to have a good hand in social activities.

I could learn many things related to armed forces where normal civilians cannot even dream about. I could fire different rifles and could learn many things related to arms of indian defence sector. i could learn the operation of different rifles and guns.i could meet higher level officers and I could see the organised life of defence officials and had an oppurtunity to closely observe them during my course time of NCC and had learnt innumerable things. NCC surely changed my way of life. Earlier it was just a normal life with no significance but after joining and completing my course in NCC i could say that i have an organised approach towards life. So National Cadet Corps had been one of the important elements which framed my character and personality and i advice all my junirs and friends to join NCC and get your lives enlightened.

SUO Hari Satya Sandeep:

3 4 5 6

Within just 3 years since his enrolment in 2005, SUO HS Sandeep has established Unconquerable milestones in various fields of NCC. In 2006, he became the First Cadet from AP NCC to win a Bronze in All India Inter Directorate. Shooting Championships, West Bengal. Being the only AP Cadet to represent NCC India Shooting Team, he won a Silver Medal at 16th All India GV Mavalankar Shooting Championships in 50mts rifle event. Awarded as the State Best Cadet by    Dr. YS Rajashekar Reddy, he was honoured by PM Dr. Manmohan Singh with All India Best Cadet Army Baton and trophy in 2008. For his outstanding contribution to AP NCC, he received the    Colonel Choudhary Medal in 2009.

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